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Tag: Zend Framework

Zend Framework Documentation

12 March, 2010 (02:09) | PHP | By: Pablo Viquez

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now, so here it’s. Go to the downloads As you might now, you can view and download the Zend Framework reference manual from the Zend Framework site and download it from the download section, however what I wanted was the Windows compiled version of it [...]

Zend_Log, FirePHP and Zend_Application. How to

25 November, 2009 (16:23) | debug, PHP, tech | By: Pablo Viquez

I wanted to enable logging of exceptions to my PHP log file and also display them using FireBug. On a standard setup of Zend Framework, the Zend error handler plugin (Zend_Controller_Plugin_ErrorHandler) enable by default and it was designed for: Errors due to missing controllers or actions Errors occurring within action controllers I wanted to keep [...]

Export Excel Spreadsheets using Zend Framework

24 August, 2009 (14:04) | PHP, tech, Web Development | By: Pablo Viquez

Last week, I had to allow the user to export a given report into an MS Excel file format. The application uses Zend Framework 1.9.1 and so far ZF does not support for “Office” formats, so after searching for a nice implementation, I found a PEAR module called Spreadsheet Excel Writter, which looked pretty good, [...]


23 April, 2009 (15:08) | General | By: Pablo Viquez

APC Rocks! Implemente unas clases para internalización y localización usando Zend Framework y el core que basicamente cargaba y parseaba los diccionarios en XML le hice cache con APC para poder tener una unica instancia por servidor del mismo “objeto” y funciono muy bien. Espero poner la arquitectura que se uso pronto por aqui.